‘The Rewrite’ trailer: Hugh Grant teaches at Binghamton University in new rom-com

‘The Rewrite’ trailer: Hugh Grant teaches at Binghamton University in new rom-com

“The movie’s very much a love letter to Binghamton. I have nothing but affection and wonderful memories and I wanted to give some of that experience,” he told BU student newspaper Pipe Dream while filming on campus last year. “There’s spiedies in it, and… the miserable weather and there’s the long wait for the one nice day that suddenly appears at the end of the year that seems to make the miserable weather worth it.”

“The Rewrite” is written and directed by BU alumnus Marc Lawrence.

Rehoboth Summer Children’s Theatre

Rehoboth Summer Children’s Theatre

It was a busy 8 weeks – 55 Performances of 4 plays at Clear Space, Epworth and on tour! Four weeks of theatre camp & two weeks of film camp! Thanks to all our theatre goers and campers. Thanks to the terrific team that made it all happen: Resident actors Rachel Hendrickson and Josh Keiter – Camp Director Karen Murdock and her assistants Elaine Foster and Julie Seyfried. Thanks also to Josh for extra help with the camps. Thanks to Austin Kint for running the sound for our musical.
Opening Night 2015, June 30, 7 PM, Cinderella! See you then!