MayPoWriMo 14

Wherever we go 
we find the art

in the hidden places
eccentric and concrete

shapes carved into
unrecognizable objects

or the obelisk in the tunnel
labeled with helpful chalk

so unmistakable
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MayHaikuWriMo 13

Masks are not required 
only if you got the jabs
and waited two weeks

we can conclude then
based on my observations
most people have been

vaccinated since
day one of the pandemic—
not true? My mistake

they just did not care
for anyone but themselves
—quite the incentive

MayPoWriMo 12

There’s a run on gasoline 
everyone’s filling up plastic bags with the stuff
in such short supply
for maybe the next few days

Another war in the Middle East
so predictable which side suffers more losses
what did you think
this shit runs like clockwork

Listening to NPR has taught me
there is such a thing as a third ranking
leader in the people’s house
truly the next victim of cancel culture

In the final couplet images are correlated
except in this instance I got nothing
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MayPoWriMo 11

All the dogs 
were taking their humans
out for a walk
after dinner today

leaping unbounded
into the brush
their leashes extended
to their limits

at once a cacophony
so happy to see each other
so eager to continue
this way along the path
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MayPoWriMo 10

motion is an illusion
caused by the brain
to make sense of
the still frames
happening all the time
time which is also
a construct to make
sense of eternity
through which we live
and breathe and have
our daily sandwiches
what if these cells
over interpret sense
cicadas every seventeen
years emerging for sex
part of the cycle
we cannot witness
only observe and study
with skills we practice
over and over again
and again a film looping
back to the start
the same image we know
a result of its motion
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MayPoWriMo 9

To remember when 
your temporary absence

meant a slightly older
child throwing toys to

the younger child
in the playpen

to help them feel not
alone what abundance

you gave us to project
our gifts freely out there

with luck landing softly
in an ocean of loneliness

we can make less lonely
because of your love
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MayPoWriMo 8

Change is by no means 

the forces arrayed against it
are legion

but listening to those who
could hear

themselves for who they are

despite all auditory

to the contrary and bore
witness to

those who take comfort
in blindness

just listening to them
would be a start
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MayPoWriMo 7

What if what 
we thought was lost
was not really

lost but hiding
among the shirts
and socks and pairs

of unknown things
at the back of drawers
we never open

by virtue of their
inherent disarray
and all it took

to discover what
we thought was lost
but was not really

lost was this opening
a few decades or so
we have to find

the space it takes
to close the whole
disguise of things

wrapped around your finger
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MayPoWriMo 6

At the mere suggestion 
of a song

in the car I turn it on
and I am back

in the room of 1991
hearing those

chord changes echo
across distances

knowing they would
be waiting

for when I needed them
somewhere they

are playing just before
the first time

someone presses record
getting closer to

the sound we make against
the backdrop of

the infinite among us—
then the reprise
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MayPoWriMo 5

Instability in 
the atmosphere

the only constant
as change arrives

without warning
half of the sky

with the other side

no shared language
from one sunset

to freak rainstorm
so far from normal

the only thing to do
is wait it out

but be prepared
to close the windows
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