We’re Doing

We’re turning the orchard
into a planetarium.

We’re producing the film to fulfill
the promise of mass communication.

We’re taking down the altar
and putting up a stationary bike.

We’re meddling in the lives of others
who have no business in others’ lives.

We’re making sand castles
out of melting ice cream.

We’re circling the spire
under a canopy of cauliflower.

We’re putting the computer
to sleep.

We’re asking for repentance
or perhaps dodecahedrons.

We’re withering under the weight
of shoelaces and air conditioners.

We’re separating the colors
before the spin cycle.

We’re masking our tutelage
with rice and other delectables.

We’re showering gifts
on unsuspecting umbrellas.

We’re spacing the margins
evenly with not a little guilt.

We’re pulling the drawers
and replacing them with escalators.

We’re tightening the screws
and fitting the frames.

We’re basking in sour slices
of unripened tarragon.

We’re working our way
back to beginnings or something.

By Joshua Keiter

reader, writer, actor, singer, teacher