JanPoWriMo 16

Pretty sure I dreamed 
last night about how
long ago in reality
things happened which
actually seemed new
at the time my anxious
pre-dawn brain made
the calculations accurate
I woke to another morning
that felt as old as the last
two years in retrospect
so much has happened
so little occupying the vast
terrain between myself
and the distant past

JanPoWriMo 15

Putting away the season
in boxes that are bound
at some point not to fit

started a day of house tasks
fastened cabinet doors
rearranged closets

attempted affixing pictures
to blank walls avoiding
the glow of tiny screens

depicting superheroes in
incoherent stories
seven thousand years

same chaos as seven days
rewinding constantly
starting over over again

JanPoWriMo 14

At the Wegmans there was a line
preventing entry into the front door
it took some shuffling around
in my double mask to get
to the paper product aisle but there
I was unimpeded able to stock up
on all the disposable tree waste
I easily spent weeks wondering how
to acquire at the beginning of this
shitshow apparently some people
in the middle of the country not here
still don’t trust science enough
to believe they should take the life
protecting shot in the arm thinking
their own googleable research somehow
supersedes every authoritative measure
it might be easier to ignore them
if they would stop commenting
in long disposable paragraphs
you have to scroll past just to exist
where’s the snooze button for society

JanPoWriMo 13

Hard to argue with the fact 
that everywhere you look
those in charge of interpreting
how to interpret the rules
cavalierly allow the most
collateral damage which almost
certainly guarantees a massive loss
of life or agency resulting in
most people wondering how
they are to thrive in an environment
where their existence is taken
not only into question but for
granted have you considered
the virus or voting rights is just
meant to teach us a lesson
and like every other moral system
since time memorial codified
into books or national holidays
everyone keeps willfully ignoring it
because it is easier to go on
pretending the problem is not ours
to solve by making it insolvent
bankrupt exhausted demoralized
working in a system that cannot
handle the strain it is asked to shoulder

JanPoWriMo 12

Keep it clean
lose the drama
take your parts
stay in favor

JanPoWriMo 11

Morning what is this
unexpected fluttering
felt on the surface

a new sensation
no longer subliminal
what hands are made for

JanPoWriMo 10

When it’s easy to exist
and hard to live

remember what was
still is

in the place where you
have yet to grow

the field is soaked
after the rain

the barest trees begin
to blossom

so small you can
see it

JanPoWriMo 9

Already lost track
of the days I was counting
on losing—practice

for when the days are
inherently lost to grief

we spend all day long
forgetting to celebrate
how many losses

can we hold before
we pass averting our eyes
the hallways too long

the faces too familiar

JanPoWriMo 8

I’ll always associate
David Bowie’s death
with looking up
into the night sky
and a field full of stars
thinking they were souls
departed and glowing
like snow at the end
of the VHS tape
down in space
it’s always 1982
when I looked up again
the sky was black
the stars still there
invisible breath promise
be kind rewind
we should be on by now

JanPoWriMo 7

All of winter fell
in the span of just one week
what did you expect

we have been so sparse
might as well accumulate
while no one’s looking