If I told you the way the wipers didn’t work
on the way up from home today I would
concentrate on the spot where the drops
should shift and they didn’t shift they stayed
planted and I sped up the wipers sometimes
that would help and sometimes not but that
wasn’t the real trouble the real trouble was
the wind and the reckless drivers did you
know I saw three cars pulled over coming down
they must have been going 85 or more I don’t
understand why drivers go that fast I ask where’s
the fire and sure enough they get pulled over
and it’s moments like these I have to say
ha-ha out loud like The Simpsons bully
like the Ha-Ha Pizza Stand in Yellow Springs
Ohio I think in Equus the God of the boy
who put spikes in the eyes of the horses
that God was named Ha-Ha too at least
there’s no roadkill this time of year the weather
just isn’t conducive my first semester of grad
school a deer laid on the road a few miles
from my parents’ house I swear the stench
stayed for months and then one time it was gone
my bladder hurt something fierce coming up
because I drank so much coffee this morning
to keep me alert for the drive I knew it would
be a doozy but the coffee only made it worse
of course I stopped just when it got real bad
when it got real bad I stopped just in time.