We need to make sure
the experience does not
repeat itself.
are obscene. They are still
identifying victims. They are holding
a person of interest. The number
hovers between thirty and thirty-three.
They are in the process
of notifying the families. It will be
days before we get some answers.
We bring you this broadcast tonight
with limited commercial interruption.
We interrupt this broadcast
to bring you this special news conference.
We cannot
provide that information at this time.
This has been a special report. We now
bring in a special consultant
who has been following the story since it broke.
It has been eight years to the week.
It has been twelve years.
It is the worst shooting on campus
in American history.
It is rightly called a tragedy,
a massacre.
Perhaps we can make some sense of this.
We should start a dialogue on violence
but we are focused on the specifics.
This is what happened.
Here is a victim in a sling.
Here is an EMT.
This was our campus. It was always peaceful.
Politically motivated, or solitary grudge.
Other connectivities. Terrorism involved.
Could there have been anything
anyone could have done
to prevent this.
Lockdown or isolated incident.
Domestic dispute.
How many doors did he chain.
Part of the ongoing investigation.
At this point
we don’t have anything on that.
To anticipate the criminal mind.
Put resources on the street.
Intercepting plans.
No one could have comprehended this,
prepared for this.
Generally beyond the scope.
It is going to take a long time to recover.
Pray for.

By Joshua Keiter

reader, writer, actor, singer, teacher