Ode to Sanjaya

If I were on a reality TV show
I’m sure I’d be the one
with the ridiculous hairstyle
who just didn’t give a crap.
I’d choose the most inappropriate songs
and sing them as badly as I could.
I’d inadvertently hog the spotlight
and encourage renegade fan clubs
to vote everyone off before me.
I wouldn’t last very long
but I’d have a real good time.
You wouldn’t know whether I was
giving a thumbs up or flipping the bird
to the judges. That’s what the kids
are calling subversive these days.
I’d force the host to write villanelles
when introducing me, giving a shout out
to my supporters, athletic
or otherwise. And the thing is,
you wouldn’t be able to tell
if I was putting everyone on
or just being genuine. The scope
of my charade would challenge
the very notion of not only
reality TV, but reality itself—
as if reality could be separated
from TV anyway—you only have
thirty minutes from the end
of the broadcast to phone in.
You’d better make your vote count.

By Joshua Keiter

reader, writer, actor, singer, teacher

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“And I might be buggingbut it seemed to methat cartoons be realerthan reality TV.”-Talib Kweli on on the ‘Danger Doom’ album…–J.B.

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