Dumb Bow

That clumsy cat
might only be
partially drunk

but that’s no excuse
for its kitty litter
turning into scarecrows

and unleashing
bloody marys
from the ceiling.

I’ll grant you this:
no half penny
is burnished with

ink fingerprints
from unassuming
decades in god we trust.

Temperance is
always met with
a quantity of nostalgia

and failing that
pink elephants
grace the silver screen

in dream sequence
predicated upon
the climax, the climax

mouse whispered in
a boozy ear
But I been done seen

about everything,
when I see
an elephant fly.

is acquaintance
that falters

and faltering
dusts itself off
to watch the sunset

walk with mitten fingers.
Lick that ice cream
off your nose

it’ll leave a terrible stain.

By Joshua Keiter

reader, writer, actor, singer, teacher