Trying To Describe Your Face

It’s not as if I had the words
to describe your face. And anyway
spring was far too obvious
and the air was thick with chords.
I sliced my hand open and I didn’t
even know it, so I used it
to my advantage and sucked my wrist
with my lips. If there was a taste
it didn’t remind me of you,
which is probably for the best
since I wasn’t thinking of you,
I was only trying to describe
your face. But as I said I didn’t
have the words, so the endeavor failed.
I started again. And there you have it.
That was when you walked in.
That’s where we left off. Hence,
the blank page. I was just about
to put the pen away for trying
when you suddenly appeared.

By Joshua Keiter

reader, writer, actor, singer, teacher