Are you going to see the cock on sunday?
What time does the cock come?
Do you think it will be too crowded to see the cock?
How much cock are you going to buy on sunday?
Will it be really hard to see the cock?
I am super excited about the cock!
Will the audience ever get enough cock?
Will there be enough cock for everyone to share?
Its not that often something this big comes.
We are wet and ready for the cock!
Are you wet & ready for some cock?
We are going to work out so we are ready for cock!
How are you preparing for the cock?
What if the cock does not come?
That would suck. It would even blow.
I just hope the cock isnt too stiff.
If you want to really enjoy cock, you should be wet.
How long is this cock going to be?
I am looking at a lot of cock tonight so I am in the mood tomorrow.
Throbbing cock.
What if he doesnt come and turns out to be a cock tease?
Do you know of any good sites for cock?
How many individuals from the audience can cock handle at one time?
It might be too tight for cock. Its gonna get so big.
I am studying the ins & outs of cock. My diss will be on cock.
I don’t know about you but I don’t only think about cock.
Also—Dickinson, Dickens, Peacock, Balzac, & Pound.

By Joshua Keiter

reader, writer, actor, singer, teacher