And if the disconnect
perpetuates gladness
be circumspect

in your demeanor
press a flower
to your forehead

in protest of the motion
of the spheres
take a drag

off the immortal
mortal coil
and say I have been

here before I knew
where I was in this
place and time not

for the timid or to
recognize what
ever was or will be

but to say o taste
and see there is a door
ineluctably unlocked

there is a stone
to be rolled away
but now is not the

face swathed
with tears or with
misunderstanding or else

there is awaken
in the drowsy catastrophe
that awaits you

in the moment between
what is not and what is
wait and see

how they love each other.

By Joshua Keiter

reader, writer, actor, singer, teacher