Who Was Around

If you stay long enough in the theater alone
you will meet the ghost who lives there

The question of whether time travels differently
as age arrives unbidden A commodity

neither purchased nor requested
as in a catalogue that arrives on the steps

and you leaf through for nothing better
and find yourself ordering the first thing you see

Is not really a question because it is experienced
and no one has ever experienced a question

There is no mystery in the presence of a flower
only in a flower that has not arrived yet

because nothing ever arrives it only persists
straining to meet the light thru the window

as all things are drawn together
by the fact that they exist together

and you cannot think of anything separately
as one moment proceeds from preceding the next

for lack of proceeds the fund drive continues
and you watch the stale concert for lack

of anything better on at that hour
and you wake up at three am in the morning

wondering where the time went and where it goes
nobody knows but at least it cannot be counted

says the flickering specter across the table from you
as the ghost disappears into the refrain of rehearsal

for lines never to be delivered only revised
and revised perpetually until the final draft

And you close the window to keep the air out