The Impossible Heap

And so I will let these moments
halt and accumulate

imprecisely and without merit
from one distance to the next

with no thought of what came before
or what followed as eventually

there comes a point in the distance
it is not here yet

when these moments coalesce
into indiscrete undifferences

and will see as it were
the motion that brings forth

as water from a great untamed sea
what singes action into movement

at the pivot of what was will be what
whole towns float and dissipate

in the sway and mist of unseen
separate unknown muddy photographs

gathered into a basket
never to be filled unclaimed

for what else is there to do
but to live as if in wait

for the time that will be
and by definition remains unknown

still known as we are known
when distinctions leave nothing

to the imagination
yet they are not there

and never were but for a brief
distracting interlude

to the depths of suffering
such an insignificant sliver

delivers a different deliverance