Just Like Spring Rain

All day the day has been
raining so hard even the rain

is raining
such that the streets become oceanlike

in their appearance
swaying as it were like a wave

like a giant waterfall
save for the spray

no-one knows where it goes
the creeks are too constraint

to contain it all
so overflow it tides

over the retaining wall
into the haunted streets

awaiting mudslide
and tumult seepage

this rain began deep underground
on the other side of the world

underside the world
where life grows from the core

unlike the sun
stretching over the horizon

even the first person in space
could see the folds in earth

where rivers riven run
disregarding the too bright sun

all of a piece
these tender catastrophes

the magnificent desolation
we are all born into

drenched in rain
flowing undertow