After All

The universe is effectively infinite.
By that I mean the universe is uncountable.
Think of the billions of stars in the universe.
First of all you can’t.
There are the same number of connections in your brain.
That is, billions.
And you can’t think about them either.
Then think of the billions of people on this tiny planet that nevertheless feels pretty large.
Then there are the billions of light rays streaking through the thin atmosphere from the medium-sized bright singularity in what we think of as the sky.
And the universe goes on from there, except the scales increase exponentially.
How better it is to have a voice with which to speak, and ears with which to hear, if not listen, and fingers with which to count the measure of sounds, the rhythm that is beating unbidden in your chest, the rhythm that radiates outward into the universe, and inward into everybody, everywhere.
So it turns out there is no need for counting after all.
After all, the universe is already counting on us.

10:37 am