Excuses for my Absence

I’m not about to make any excuses for my absence.
Life is meant for the living and all that malarkey nonsense.
Get busy dying or get busy writing.
Is disjunction still “in”?
My preference would be for a candidate with more than one book although I realize the realities of the job market.
Meat as they say is murder.
Obsolescence is the new Humanities department.
We are looking for venture capital to invest in our massively overrated opinionated conundrum by which we will sustain a future for the idea of a university.
Our ultimate goal is to be entirely self contained within the parameters of a global bubble economy.
Double your pleasure double your pun with gender trouble mint gum.
Is there a position available that hasn’t already been filled in house?
In fact all the adjuncts we hire receive a signing bonus and that is several lifetimes of crippling depression.
Grade papers while u shop.
You won’t write anything for years even if you try.
Oh I have been away for a while and I hope to be back again soon.