Cake Door, a Haiku Sequence

There is nothing else
that will satisfy—only
doors that lead to cake

Doors of perception
don’t need to be cleansed—except
to make room for cake

I opened the door
the cake lay on the table—
and then it was gone

Midnight, a closed door
really only means one thing—
Someone eating cake

Light in the window
streaming under the doorway
to make room for cake

All the doors are brown
And the sky is cake—I went
for a walk—more cake

There aren’t enough doors
down the hallway filled with cake—
they are occupied

Close door behind you
and I will share a secret—
Here’s my secret cake

So many problems—
many slammed doors in the world
can be solved with cake

I thought I saw Mars
peer through a door in the sky
Nope—it was just cake

Finish the threshold
I am working very hard
The cake by the door