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I Am A Scientist

To shuffle off the old skin is to
represent mistaken identity as a
condition of being alive when you
first look into a mirror you have
nothing to compare it to you see
only the reflection never your own
eyes staring back at you in the
middle the space where the staring
takes place they might have called it
ether when they thought the air was
a quintessence of nothing before they
discovered everything has a substance they
looked at spaces between things as the
only way to determine meaning before they
discovered they could split the nothingness to
create a new thing which did not exist before
they nurtured the new thing as one of their
own they only had eyes for this one
thing where there used to be no thing now
they had eyes with which they could see with

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Vodka (Mythogram 6)

And so God sat down with atheism and fundamentalism
for their regular marriage counseling session
and straight away God cut to the chase and asked them
why they were so concerned with Absolutes
to which they didn’t really have a very good reply
so God reminded them that he banished Absolutes when he separated
land from sky and day from night and male from female et al.
and that there are quite simply no privileged frames of reference
God said you know it’s kind of like that old joke about all things in moderation especially moderation
except in this case Absolutes just simply don’t exist
and this is about the time when atheism and fundamentalism got their act together
and came up with the best retort they could which was to ask God
how in the world they could be having this conversation if there were no Absolutes
and God replied in his best marriage counselor voice Our Time Is Almost Up

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Going Down on Laying Down the Law (Mythogram 5)

And so God decided that without any further ado he had better
spend some time reading this book that humans kept claiming was written by him
so he sat down and began doing the usual skimming back and forth at random that he does with books
and he was really kind of shocked at how much killing and pillaging and smiting he found
and the slicing off of bits of flesh that he considered really rather intelligently designed
and there was some groovy dude who showed up kind of like a deus ex machina in the back third of the book
and then for no apparent reason that section wound up kind of fantasy violent in the end too
but what really upset God and I mean this in no uncertain terms what really upset God
was this preoccupation with condemning human people of the same gender for laying down together
even though those passages were hard to find and obviously exaggerated for effect
and a quick scan of Google News confirmed that people were still rather hung up on those obscure passages
which really got God’s goat and he couldn’t understand it because apparently according to this same book he had made humans in his own image
and despite all their foibles and I mean seriously annoying and really embarrassing-to-fellow-deities foibles
he couldn’t help but love them as much as he loved himself and would lay down with them all if he got the chance

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The Sound of One Tree Clapping (Mythogram 4)

And God grew quite nostalgic for the timeless formless time and form
he was while contemplating himself as pure being
before splitting himself into constituent parts
thereby entering the field of time and duality
and everything got kind of run amok
what with the existence of suffering along with joy
and it wasn’t very clear from what people were saying about him which he preferred
even though he’d like to agree with those who found him immanently in everything
the idea just kind of gave him the willies
so he went back to being the deist clockmaker god
a term which also confounded him because even if God needed to tell time
he wasn’t exactly the type who wears a watch
but that too grew tiresome because everything he created was so damn interesting
he couldn’t help poking his head around the corner here and there

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The Babelfish is a Dead Giveaway (Mythogram 3)

And slowly God came to understand that being
a God of the gaps he was running out of things to be responsible for
as the advances of science and high fructose corn syrup
were putting him into tinier and tinier obsolescent corners
so to be frank he thumbed his way out of the backwaters
of an insignificant spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy
hitching a ride with a Higgs Boson particle
which would only further delay its discovery by a billion dollar donut in the ground
and he propelled himself out past the event horizon
bumping and grinding with some background radiation from the Big Bang
which increasingly he was finding himself of the opinion was a bad idea to begin with
and he exclaimed out loud not for the first time why didn’t I make the multiverse infinite in the first place
which of course only inadvertently started its own universe
with its own set of problems that God would soon have to concern himself with

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By Any Other Name (Mythogram 2)

And it came to pass that God grew tired and impatient
with all of the people who insisted on calling him names
including the ones who went by the names of Hitchens and Dawkins and Harris
whom God collectively referred to as Hitchawkis
because they sounded like a New Jersey suburb phrased that way
so God kept inventing more and more things that needed names
like tricycles and pomegranates and developing nations
but God couldn’t create a garage large enough to put everything in without throwing it away
so he hereby inscribed a moratorium on the naming of things
which if he’d thought of sooner would have saved a lot of kerfuffle between aardvarks and zebras
but that was all in the past anyway which God had forgotten about
seeing as how he was still contemplating himself in the eternal groves of memory
which God put together in a rush the other day leaving the house
when he suddenly realized he couldn’t remember how to misplace his keys

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Dispersant (Mythogram 1)

And on the hundredth day God rested said
screw you guys I’m going home
or its equivalent in Aramaic
a language God didn’t invent
but was merely an early proponent of
He left the wildlife to its own devices
floating backside up in a kiddie pool
with nothing for lunch but some morsels
mysteriously drifting on the top layer of the water
God said let it be fruit of the loom and multiply
and lo the essence passed through the bulging masses
so that all of God’s creation might eat
and slowly drift themselves to the surface
bloated and starving for his presence

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Into the darkness
crawl tight space thru earth to walls
painted with no light

Hunter with bird mask
becomes animal shaman
opening the ground

Thru which things will spring
and return but for our sake
living by eating

Life feeds but on life
that begins what art there is
with masks and the flame

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I’ve been following
the thread for so long that I
can’t recall the start

Beginnings account
for half of truth not only
they are unfinished

Finished and done with
the only words I cannot
find myself speaking

Already spoken
for once I’m untethered to
any translation

Mistaken belief
converted to possible
resembles onion