By Any Other Name (Mythogram 2)

And it came to pass that God grew tired and impatient
with all of the people who insisted on calling him names
including the ones who went by the names of Hitchens and Dawkins and Harris
whom God collectively referred to as Hitchawkis
because they sounded like a New Jersey suburb phrased that way
so God kept inventing more and more things that needed names
like tricycles and pomegranates and developing nations
but God couldn’t create a garage large enough to put everything in without throwing it away
so he hereby inscribed a moratorium on the naming of things
which if he’d thought of sooner would have saved a lot of kerfuffle between aardvarks and zebras
but that was all in the past anyway which God had forgotten about
seeing as how he was still contemplating himself in the eternal groves of memory
which God put together in a rush the other day leaving the house
when he suddenly realized he couldn’t remember how to misplace his keys