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The Babelfish is a Dead Giveaway (Mythogram 3)

And slowly God came to understand that being
a God of the gaps he was running out of things to be responsible for
as the advances of science and high fructose corn syrup
were putting him into tinier and tinier obsolescent corners
so to be frank he thumbed his way out of the backwaters
of an insignificant spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy
hitching a ride with a Higgs Boson particle
which would only further delay its discovery by a billion dollar donut in the ground
and he propelled himself out past the event horizon
bumping and grinding with some background radiation from the Big Bang
which increasingly he was finding himself of the opinion was a bad idea to begin with
and he exclaimed out loud not for the first time why didn’t I make the multiverse infinite in the first place
which of course only inadvertently started its own universe
with its own set of problems that God would soon have to concern himself with

By Joshua Keiter

reader, writer, actor, singer, teacher