Vodka (Mythogram 6)

And so God sat down with atheism and fundamentalism
for their regular marriage counseling session
and straight away God cut to the chase and asked them
why they were so concerned with Absolutes
to which they didn’t really have a very good reply
so God reminded them that he banished Absolutes when he separated
land from sky and day from night and male from female et al.
and that there are quite simply no privileged frames of reference
God said you know it’s kind of like that old joke about all things in moderation especially moderation
except in this case Absolutes just simply don’t exist
and this is about the time when atheism and fundamentalism got their act together
and came up with the best retort they could which was to ask God
how in the world they could be having this conversation if there were no Absolutes
and God replied in his best marriage counselor voice Our Time Is Almost Up