Lost and Found

When I lost it and I mean really lost it 
so much so I had no idea if it would ever 
come back, whatever it may be, if it’s 
marbles that’s just a metaphor maybe a play

thing, if it’s consciousness that has yet to be
proven definitively beyond a shadow of a doorway 
at the top of the stairs in the middle of the night 
having a slow discussion with your pastor 

or your director, who is really your father or
uncle or doppelgänger, and you’re talking 
but really it’s to only yourself, the topic 
happens to be all the evil that seems to be everywhere 

and the voice that’s really only in your head says 
“There’s been a lot of dying going on around here.
But what if we could beat Hitler at his own game?” 
And you say to the voice, “You mean, everybody dies?”

And the voice replies, “Everybody lives.” 
And months later when you find it again and I mean 
really found it, you know that means that God saved them.
God saves us all. Love wins, damnit. Love wins.