SeptPoWriMo 18

I could remember the first home I left
because it was the first house that I missed
the constant feeling of being bereft
knowing you own only what you resist
how many friends are gone along the way
the paths you didn’t know that you would take
memories are too flexible to stay
in one place long enough for them to make
a journey within not walking distance
roads too easy for you alone to tread
companions they make all the difference
the crumbs you leave become your daily bread
I pick you up each time we cannot meet
the closed circle a new friend may complete

SeptPoWriMo 17

When I hear the score to the musical 
I think of when I first listened to it
on a library record player my
first year of college it was not homework
for I had no idea where home might be
I might have been avoiding my roommate
(algorithms would have chosen better)
just a young kid I was with too long hair
wondering what the songs would sound like
in a phase of life I had not known yet
neither single nor yet getting married
but following all the chords and the rhymes
flowing so fast before they could arrive
lacking company for being alive

SeptHaikuWriMo 16

How do you know when 
the things you used to know are
still waiting for you

across a divide
against all odds you have crossed
with uncertainty

reserved for doing
nothing and doing it well
such that you survive

having forgotten
how much you have lost losing
all your perspective

how to learn your lines
practice your musical parts
exist together

performing in the same space

SeptHaikuWriMo 15

No one knew which lane 
they wanted their car to be
in on the highway

and I am tired of
excusing misbehavior
with pandemic or

collapse at least some of them
used their turn signals

I got off the road
went shopping for groceries
and drove to the house

which was still on solid ground

SeptHaikuWriMo 14

What if the summer
never actually ends
and we are left with

ever increasing
temperatures with a dash
of dust scattering

the atmosphere with
what might have been alive when
there were none of us

around to measure
how much we were to mess up
what does not belong

to us—instead view
the sunset in dead pixels
say the camera

does not do justice

SeptHaikuWriMo 13

I like not seeing
people’s faces in the store
a freeway where I

am not tailgated
some kind of reassurance
this is not the end

of toleration
or rational behavior
that the world might be

worth getting back to
that when you spit in the wind
someone else’s spit

does not reach you first

SeptHaikuWriMo 12

We will never know
if spectacular sunsets
are the result of

looking in the past
too intently to expect
particles drifting

out of horizon
to retrospect the future
haze obscures the sun

somewhere there is fire
vanishing from there to here
until immanent

the blaze outlasts us

SeptHaikuWriMo 11

Similar weather
three converge along the path
say good morning twice

so many alarms
ringing through the neighborhood
nobody knows why

the planes seem louder
not because it is quiet
but we can hear them

SeptHaikuWriMo 10

Walking to the arts 
festival under a clear
blue September sky

each booth was filled with
arts unique to each other
some artists napping

at their stations while
passersby observed their work
with curious eyes

pencil strokes blown glass
enormous photographic
landscapes and doorways

miniature scales
almost too much to take in
worlds upon more worlds

we noticed also
almost directly above
airplanes were streaking

from our vantage point
we could not tell if they were
taking off or landing

SeptHaikuWriMo 9

Fed up with the past 
harbinger of the future
rear view is side ways

this would always be
catastrophic in any
normal circumstance

enough with carrots
cluttering up the airwaves
just go with the sticks