JunePoWriMo 18

Walking around the lake 
the path narrows such that
you cannot tell the last time
someone else walked this way

close enough to the edge
the water may overtake
all flora and fauna in its wake
almost but not quite

at the far side a water park
hundreds of cars parked nose
to nose barely enough space
for the sun to burn fragile skin

frogs croaking in response
to cackles of school’s out kids
while the path around the lake
remains almost pandemic quiet

we may be marking new treads
along with cicada emergence circles
the whole circuit takes less time
than we thought it would to traverse

back at the skate park parking lot
nearest car idles while driver naps
waiting for energy to be expended
summer heart a loneliness hunter
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JunePoWriMo 17

Now that we’re open 
people are driving their cars like maniacs
crossing seven lanes of traffic
without even signaling
just so they would not miss a turn
that if they had missed would mean
going around the block
which they were going to avoid
by any means necessary
either they spent so long not driving
they have forgotten how to drive
or the fact that the roads are now
repopulated according to the whims
of who never really had the choice
of staying home or going to an office
that was never going to appreciate them
and suddenly there are places to be
despite deteriorating driving skills
the opinion piece I read today said
that this is America’s Renaissance
that the pandemic disrupted daily life
in a way few emergencies have before
and shaken things up and cleared the way
for an economic boom and social revival
now they are bursting out of the gate
racing to be the first at the red light
that arrives late and always lasts too long
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JuneHaikuWriMo 15

Fish chases turtle 
under the bridge while birds fly
kamikaze style

across the meadow
dancers dance in white dresses
waving colored flags

paths littered with storm
easily crossed if you know
where to plant your feet

graduation pics
framed by unadorned nature
return to normal

herons fly in space
geese ascending the shoreline
new paths lead us where

we’ve never been before: home

JuneHaikuWriMo 14

The thunder arrives 
one cat on the other cat
sensing discomfort

unknown vibrations
all the more mysterious
by this behavior

could we not also
respond to the elements
by kneading biscuits

on top of our backs?
The storm an excuse to touch
each other gently

JunePoWriMo 13

You will know the roots 
have run deep
by the sign in the branches
waving welcome home

we once were tiny seeds
all scattered together
waiting for homecoming
by straying from the paths

finding new friends
as familiar as air
filtered and regenerated
through our limbs

fortunate this canopy resides
overhead and by our side
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JunePoWriMo 12

In the late afternoon 
as the sun makes its first appearance
burning off the humidity
that slept us through the day
you sit in the yard
with a book of Virginia poems
coming to terms with history
and use a piece of paper
to set right a stranded cicada
screaming for lack of anything body
having spent most of its before life
trawling through the darkness
suddenly witnessing with senses
too new but for bewilderment
the shock of the sun
then becoming earth again
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JuneHaikuWriMo 11

Now that we’re open 
spend the day watching tennis
then go to Target

to buy shelves for stuff
we bought when we weren’t open
projects still delayed

because we don’t know
where the empty boxes go
on recycling day

wait to unpack them
until the shelves are in place
could be any day

JuneHaikuWriMo 10

Now that we’re open 
that fatigue you’re feeling is
the same as before

only compounded
with the trauma unprocessed
by collective will

hope you won’t notice
loneliness prerequisite
part of the system

together in the same room