NovPoWriMo 28

Facile to say
the light is in
not of

the darkness
thank goodness
it never goes out

NovPoWriMo 27

No one knows the moment 
the present passes
reluctantly into history

how friends from a previous
lifetime knock on the door
to compare trajectories

the sound of time not
a dull left handed thud but
the right flowing in melody

pieces of a hat pointing to forever

NovPoWriMo 26

Now you’re on your own 
only me beside you but
still you’re not alone

truly, no one is alone

NovPoWriMo 25

Looking through old photos
in the envelopes
with the negatives
on a plastic cartridge
one must have used on a carousel
purchased separately
(we never did)
you see yourself
looking at you in the future
which is right now
and play the time game
as dinner approaches
and the box gets put away
the photos you were looking at
were taken when your parents
are the age you are now
and sometime from now there will be
photos in another box of
someone who has not yet arrived
which is right now
somewhere they will see themselves
and recognize the smile

NovPoWriMo 24

Standstill traffic made 
slightly more tolerable
by singing along
to Alice’s Restaurant

NovPoWriMo 23

Glad there’s a photo 
of us standing and singing
everyone facing

the same direction
outside there is still some light
we walk into it

with grace gratefully

NovPoWriMo 22

The Christmas cicada
stands sentinel in
the still green grass

illuminated by memory
of its billion relations
succumbing to summer’s

blinding white noise
heat of seventeen years
subterranean gestation

in the bleak silent night
red eyes loom distant
crunch of fallen leaves

a proper bed underneath
meanwhile a child
running behind us

seeking to see all the lights
might overtake us in fact
suddenly I hope so

NovPoWriMo 21

Remember feeling
nostalgic for the early
days of the pandemic

when lack of necessities
meant we were staying
closest to those who

needed us when did we
feel it necessary to yearn
for congregating in large

indiscriminate numbers
for imaginary reasons
it seemed the best

we could hope for was
limited casualties

NovPoWriMo 20

Another night of 
nondescript dreams
follows me through
the day as if every
unplanned moment
were half a déjà vu
away in disguise
maybe I didn’t sleep
so good maybe I
slept too well maybe
my body doesn’t like
to be interrupted
by consciousness
what is the world
other than adrift
in a sea of thoughts
it tries to recollect
the next day

NovPoWriMo 19

Pretty easy 
to see the world
as one big threat

when all you have
to defend yourself
is “self defense”