Last Dream

This morning I dreamed
as I began to waken
or I awoke as I began 
to dream, that life 
was ending, specifically 
my consciousness breaking
apart into tiny bubbles
before my eyes, and all
I could think to think was 
Is that all? I didn’t want 
it to be ending, and so soon
It wasn’t dramatic, a return 
from the precipice of tunnel 
towards a clear light, and 
then turning back again because 
it wasn’t my time, but even 
if as the tiny bubbles dissipate
when they actually appear
awake or in a dream
I’m still convinced that we 
have nothing to be afraid of 
even if I choked myself awake 
grateful to have this day 
happy it is not yet the end.

By Joshua Keiter

reader, writer, actor, singer, teacher