You Are Better Than You Think You Are

I’m not sure who it was who said 
you can tell who is a true friend 

in your life by how much time you spend 
apart when you get back together 

you pick up right where you left off.
That is how it is with you and me.

It wasn’t always so. Anxious, I spent 
hours wondering what you thought of me 

when I could have been taking care of me.
It’s true you can only love others when you love 

yourself. That is how it is with most 
sayings like that, they are true because they are

true. There is plenty of time for guitars 
and mandolins and ukuleles and 

front stoops to say everything, or nothing
at all. Just being here means we’re okay,

that neither of us are lonely, if we 
don’t need or want to be.