Napowrimo 3

Your daughter collected fallen petals from the tree 
The night you were too tired to move
We had to gather them all she said before they were gone

Another day she walked the backyard saying she was sad
The tree had died but was grateful for its life
She seemed to already know so much of loss

Much more than you when I said I loved you 
After we held each other’s bodies the first time
You said you hardly know me and I said I know you well enough to know I love you

It was all I could say when you yelled at your parents for no apparent reason
And your daughter implored you to remember
How she fell asleep singing your worth

It wasn’t enough all that could not be said
When your mother sent the message you had died
I paced the house looking outside the window at the trees

Each petal had fallen and returned to where it had come from
But once again I was lost losing you
And I would be lost a long time to come