Nanowrimo 5

And in that year of hospitals 
And waiting room magazines
And box cutters following me through the supermarket 
And the voices on the TV altered to alert my insecurities
And the anxiety of a window 
And waking up countless times not waking up
And thinking I had really only died that first night
And never took a breath again after the opening darkness
And all the world was waiting for death
And I was holding up the line blocking the path
And I was the destroyer of worlds the trees infinite and never returning from their eternal winter
And pounding on flesh and car ceiling to restart the universe 
And waking to think she might be out there somewhere
And only to wake a year later knowing she was gone 
And I was the only one who could put it right
And knowing I failed I could not help but start again
And love was the answer to death again just the same

By Joshua Keiter

reader, writer, actor, singer, teacher