Napowrimo 8

But when we seemingly escape the asylum
But the grass is too green for December fluorescent green unnatural and atomic
But the meat tastes too grisly and mammalian
But the television people are still speaking at me before taking their guests offscreen to slaughter 
But David Bowie and George Martin dead they are killing all the music you will never hear again
But the visit to the psychiatrist re-enacts the coming flood where all the art is washed away
But the psychiatrist is one of them and only you know it best stay silent nothing to betray
But everyone is being erased and uploaded the candidates manipulated and animatronic on the Sunday morning shows
But the world is growing barren the trees lifeless the color orange
But the earth is hurtling into the sun off course of kilter 
But you cannot escape the doorway the threshold on the other side is the void of eternity
But the books are changing languages before your eyes so much lost in translation
But the Bible is absolutely true everything happened in history and metaphor
But we are infinite beings being laid low by infernal devices subject to time transplant dying slowly in the year of our lord 2016 when everything ended