Napowrimo 12

The hardest thing I ever did
Was taking the stage after you died
As an immortal impish spirit 
Flirting between two fictions
Yearning for the ephemerality
Of physical metaphysical love
It was all I could do to keep myself
Together with a straight crooked face
Twirling around until a straight line
Appeared tearing the fabric of
Her dress as the curtain falls called
Us out onto the stage to accept 
That we will never immortal be
But players upon the stage singing
The sound of no note not one iota
Could bring the idea of me back to you
Because you are immortal now aren’t you
And I face immortality alone and then some
Other face if I were not upon the stage
I would let you let me enter exit through me
And all that is through our revels ended
And midnight came all too soon and late