Octpowrimo 1

When the heat dissipates as it almost surely never will
On this gutted broken blasted out shell of what we used to call the earth
When the last humans stop torturing the soil with leaf blowers and rakes alike
In this understated oversaturated season of mellow fruitfulness
When all life is reduced to dust that might accumulate after millennia
Into tangled pillars of bioluminescent gas never resolving itself to sun
When all pinpricks of light staining the black dome above our heads
Out of the mouths of babes restrained in nylon belts on hospital beds
When you wake up and everyone knows you are mad with Ativan delusions
In the spaceship you inhabit alone forsaken at the end of the universe 
When all hope left in memory is erased waking up scared she committed suicide
Only to find a text years later knowing she’s dead and you’re alone
When you find words you never realized you committed only just months ago
In that moment you begin writing a poem again