NaPoWriMo 15

Everything is breaking
if it is not already broken

the seams have split
until what is underneath

is over ahead of us now
not even the slightest bit

of ironic postmodernism
would prepare us for

the signature of an angry yam
delivered through the mail

deposited and garnished
as various other wages of sin

this is finally the last straw
no peeking behind the curtain

to see the madman pulling
strings and levers frantically

only one last fever text message
to say love will be done

even if we are no longer
there to deliver it from evil

for thine may be the kingdom
but spit can’t make it shine

and no one can see us mouth
the words we still need to say

‘Merica is tired of winning so much
it has to throw its food away

because it has eaten so much
there is nothing left to chew

and so much left for us to do