NaPoWriMo 29

incredibly grateful
Now: contactless pharmacy options
Can you learn optimism? Like right now?

Test Drive Online Learning
Show your support for the post office with this free sticker
How to count deaths in a pandemic

Big news x 2! Discover our best perks yet.
Not taking anything for granted—
‘Second-week crash’ is time of peril for some COVID-19 patients

Dogs are being trained to sniff out infections
We’ve got to stick together
We’re coming to you live…

Update on our end of month goal
A potential COVID treatment—if you can afford it
we’re not on track

Sweet God, where are Mike Pence’s eyes?
Find out what’s coming soon in May
Poll: Half of Americans Financially Affected by Coronavirus

View from the newsroom
another email (I’m sorry!)
What we don’t know about the coronavirus

They’re not drinking bleach, but they are drinking the Kool-Aid
First PA counties to reopen will be announced Friday
So where do we go from here?

Coronavirus has killed more Americans than the Vietnam War