MayPoWriMo 6

We are going to announce our plan
Of course we have a plan
We have no plan because we are disbanding our planning committee to make plans
The committee to make plans was unable to make a plan because it was impeded by a previous administration’s inability to make plans
Foresight is the sole arbiter of the success of our plan
We have researched the appropriate Excel functions to show that cases will drop off immediately upon implementation of our plan
Who said we had a plan
We have always had the greatest plans despite the fact that the fake news enemy of the people says we have no plans
We have the best minds in charge of our plan
No one said our plan had to work only that we had a plan
That’s a nasty question to imply that we have no plan
We are here to celebrate the raging success of our plan
Our plan will only result in less than 2 million deaths which was always our plan
We’ve really done an incredible job with our plan
You should be saying how amazing and quickly we’ve responded with a plan
The plan was to destroy government for forty years so you would think we didn’t have a clue how to plan
We were always going to announce the existence of aliens and murder hornets as a corollary to our plan
Do you have a plan
If it’s so easy to make a plan why don’t you come up with a plan
Here is a corporate executive who planned to be here today to tell you about pillows
The plan is to gradually phase out the necessity to have a plan
The plan will be announced as soon as we have a plan
Here is the plan
We have accomplished our plan