MayPoWriMo 15

for RLS

Today an alert on my phone which I was
clearing out for something to do
led me to a reminder that we spent
the day together five years ago today
that I wrote all about in my journal
which is a thing I used to do to have
something to do and it occurred to me
to give you a call because that is something
so many of us are trying to do it would be
perfectly natural to pick up the phone
and find you on the other end of the line
even though I know it is something
we can no longer do and in fact
it will be some time before I can visit you
to tell you about the caterpillars and
sewing machines in my memories
that come up occasionally on a day
like this day when it is too easy
to remember how much time
I’ve lived missing you

By Joshua Keiter

reader, writer, actor, singer, teacher