OctPoWriMo 18

The benefit of screens
In this day and age
Is seeing so many faces
At once in separate boxes
Until you understand
They are not distinct
Except in that they break
Light out from the darkness
See how the lilt of a voice
Arises from the green edge
To our attention shifting
All empathy and provision
Waiting to see what happens
From the tilt of a face
Separating consciousness
Out of the lifeless pixels
Suddenly brought to recognition
This is the medium we
Have at our hands
To bring our faces face to face
Seeing our life flash before
Our eyes and name in the corner
Passing for what we were
When we shared the same spaces
Now we are an ellipsis
Everyone signing on at once
Speaking over each other
Until distortion arrives at clarity
And despite everything
Going on outside the frame
Our departure is an arrival

By Joshua Keiter

reader, writer, actor, singer, teacher