OctPoWriMo 23

Turns out no one knows when this will end
Turns out we won’t get closure
Turns out people keep doing the same things slightly further away if that
Turns out masks work
Turns out that first curve keeps not flattening
Turns out every part of the country is taking turns
Turns out a barrage of lies can somehow be called substantive and issue driven
Turns out the lines keep getting longer
Turns out we’re still waiting for a plan
Turns out records are made to be broken
Turns out the fog wakes us up every morning this is not a metaphor
Turns out the air has always been this stagnant
Turns out four years can take many decades off your life
Turns out the beginning keeps getting further away the closer it gets
Turns out it’s not worth opening the news app at 6am
Turns out the commercial media keeps unlearning the lessons it never learned
Turns out reality shows can be cancelled after all
Turns out we have no idea how this turns out

By Joshua Keiter

reader, writer, actor, singer, teacher