OctPoWriMo 28

Even as the days fill
With more mist than sunlight

And the hours count down
To when it gets darker

Just by falling asleep one night
And waking up the next day

Even as these four years
Have seemed a blur at best

Though painstakingly traumatic
And deadly at worst

Even as we rise together
To say we will leave behind

The groaning engulfing anxiety
That has followed us here

To know it was all a dream
Yet the wreckage lies everywhere

Even if relief comes
Sooner than we expect it

There is still so much work
We will have to do

To recover what was lost
And so many lost

Who could help us get there
If they were still breathing

Even now their spirits shake
Through our gasps

Their hearts are beating

By Joshua Keiter

reader, writer, actor, singer, teacher