NovPoWriMo 4

The nation is counting
They’re counting steps
Counting trips to the supermarket
Counting lost coins in the sofa cushions
They’re counting family members they never said goodbye to
Counting the seconds before midnight
Counting returns
Was that today or yesterday
The nation is counting on loss
Counting the charts going in different directions
Counting the mean approximate relative to demographic
Counting the refresh rate
Counting how many meals how many sleeps
How is this possible it was always reality
For a certain segment of the population
For those without degrees
For those with or without penises
For those who never got polled
For living by the whims of those in power 1800 and 1929
The nation is exhausted
Counting on a fresh start with basically the same gridlock
Counting on our hopes in proportion to our fears
Counting how many states left
Counting the same people they’re counting
Counting how many qualifies as genocide
Counting in the cities
Counting media bubbles
Counting breaths
Learning a new time signature
The nation is down for the count
Keep the faith

By Joshua Keiter

reader, writer, actor, singer, teacher