NovPoWriMo 19

It seems telling that I cannot remember
The last time I weeded the shelves at the library

But today I went through the list identifying
Which titles were no longer useful if they ever were

Even the more recent publications betray
A distinct lack of activity from their spines

Barely cracked the pages evidently yellowed only
At the top because they have hardly lain flat

As it turns out I went through the management section
All the bits and bobs of advice never heeded

Of how to grow your career and win the future
Or win your career and grow the future—innovatively

One could tell their usefulness had passed
In the sheer vapidity of their typefaces and covers

And empty headed guarantees of easy fixes
If not explicit hucksterism just to sell books

That not only no one else bought they never even read
Nevertheless they filled up the cart quite neatly

As I brought them to the back room to be discarded
And in all likelihood recycled in the regular bins

Where all the thoughts we thought were valid
In their inevitable horribleness are destined to go

Thankfully the spaces these sorry books took up
Have already been reclaimed by their absence

The emptiness that only jostles the shelf back together
Oddly enough gives us all the room we need to think