NovPoWriMo 22

The part in the video meeting
Where everyone has already
Said goodbye and no one

Has signed off perhaps
There is one in the group
Trying to catch another

Before they both leave
Which leads everyone to stay
A moment or two longer

To be sure they are not the ones
The speaker means to address
Even though that is improbable

More likely they just wish
In this time things did not end
So abruptly at once a sort of room

Full of faces and then a blank
Screen or whatever there was
Before the meeting began

As if to remind you it was always
All pixels all the way down
That this brief interlude

In the course of an abnormal day
Signified the possibility that
Some things remain true

A conversation that is still audible
Even when those it does not
Concern are only listening in because

There are so many things we cannot
Say with everyone still signed on
Try as we may to avoid the silence

The mute button cannot hide the tears