NovPoWriMo 27-28-29

Overheard In My Head While Moving


Stuff is neverending
Stuff makes more stuff
You pack one box and there are two left to be packed
It’s like an inverted Zeno’s Paradox
Do I have the right reference?
You haven’t used that in three years throw it out
Why aren’t the movers here yet?
Wow they’re done already that’s some serious elbow grease
Driving at sunset is so stirring except for the sun in your eyes
Seriously that’s like a freaking Thomas Kinkade on the horizon
There’s so much to explore in our new town
Let’s not go back to clean the old place tomorrow


Actually it would make sense to clean the old place today
Let’s get a picture at the Biden Welcome Center
Also some Popeyes chicken we need our protein
Hot damn the movers are delivering first thing tomorrow
Okay one car load of stuff then we have to clean
Maybe a carload and a half
Possibly a carload and a half and another half
Thank the holy goodness for parental units and friends
Otherwise we’d be screwed
How is this sofa piece screwed to the other sofa piece??
Getting there
One trip to the trash before another trip to the trash
We’re in Zeno’s Paradox territory again aren’t we
You’ll be my second set of eyes
Because there’s no way I can see out the back window
Isn’t traffic more tolerable at night?
Let’s not unpack the car before bed
Okay just seven trips then


We need cash apparently what is cash how do we get more cash
Holy shit the movers are here already!
Damn they move fast
You carried three of those I can barely handle one
How are we paying again?
Okay we’re done time for the bread and milk and eggs
And a ready to heat pizza because we deserve it
Hell yeah this Aldi has wine and beer!
Let’s eat and take a walk through the affluenza district
Don’t forget the cat litter
Time for bed yes time for bed
Just 42 more boxes to unpack first
Then everything will be just right
s is most certainly true