JanPoWriMo 11

Still getting acquainted with 
The way they tend to plants
In our apartment complex

Apparently the bushes and shrubs
Around the buildings were
Growing out of control

Although it seemed like
The plants had reclaimed some
Sense of decorum since the shape

They took on their own was covering
The windows out of which
We could see them growing

A crew of men in yellow shirts
Were hacking down the branches
And kicking found soccer balls

For most of the day today
Until there was little left but
Severe unassuming nubs

That only time will determine
If they will ever grow back
In the meantime the view from

What we discern are empty units
Across the way has been reclaimed
We can see the curtained windows

Which now seem to be framed
By the horticultural devastation
The branches were carried away

One would hope to be recycled

By Joshua Keiter

reader, writer, actor, singer, teacher