FebPoWriMo 28

Of course it has been a year of the month of March 
Of course we remember what we were doing
Of course lockdown lasted more than three weeks
Of course the last board game we played was Pandemic
Of course they relaxed restrictions too soon
Of course no one was really all in this together
Of course science would win over common sense
Of course thank goodness we have nothing in common
Of course the loss is incalculable
Of course we are making up for lost time
Of course we need to tell our stories
Of course the last song they played
Of course senseless death is the human condition
Of course there will be singing in the darkness
Of course about the darkness
Of course the birds are gathering in the northern hemisphere
Of course the season cycles independent of our inclinations
Of course there is a forecast of rain
Of course we will withstand the drought the freeze
Of course collateral damage
Of course there is no replacement for the irreplaceable
Of course no one knows what is on the other side
Of course we are heading toward the light

By Joshua Keiter

reader, writer, actor, singer, teacher