MarPoWriMo 28

Still thinking about the dream 
I had the other night the one
about the dachshund who still lives
with my parents and sometimes
pees on the pad if they do not
bring her outside in time to go
in the dream this dachshund had
a body transplant so that while
her old body was dying in the corner
she was still alive in a newer body
athletic standard sized and stronger
not unlike as my mother reminded me
the dachshund I never knew the one
who grew up with my mother
into adulthood even though I did not
make that connection my mother said
it must have been that well loved
family member before I arrived as
I keep thinking about the dream
it occurs to me that is what we are
as we pass from one form to another
our new shining body reminding us
of those we loved before you came
along even if we do not exit in time
our new selves wait for us in memory
it must have been them you were dreaming

By Joshua Keiter

reader, writer, actor, singer, teacher