MayPoWriMo 2

Today we drove through 
where the other half
of one percent lives

mansions too big for
just one family to live
so the help lives on site

we imagined the modest
houses might have seemed
ostentatious forty years ago

now dwarfed by multitiered
turrets with garages
to store spare garages

we found a space to park
in front of a mailbox
behind a horse trailer

to walk to the river
where some war type things
happened ago in the past

nearly encountering a field
where golf insurrections
beside sewage treatment

last night I dreamed
the cat caught a bird
and took her time eating it

stretching the wings
until you could see
the sinews in the cartilage

the cat continued playing
with the bird but I could feel
the heart beating beneath

the muscle a future corpse
hanging on for dear life
while the hunter had its way

with the helpless prey