MayPoWriMo 22

Not much of a stretch 
to see the yellow carcasses
strewn on the pavement
and imagine an infestation
approximating the end
of the world or a fifties
sci-fi movie about insects
reaching gargantuan proportions
and instigating apocalypse
of humans sad own doing
for not realizing they were
just bugs getting busy and
getting dying in the span of
maybe twenty four hours
not much of a life but
what a way to go obviously
we have known about
these creatures for seventeen
times seventeen years
who first collected them?
who compared their life cycles
to their own? who measured
how first appearances become
teenaged? like bad deja vu
everything compared to its
younger larval self sucking
sap from tree roots deep
in the ground would that
our rebirth were so evident
as branches collecting spirit
we stick to on the way down