JunePoWriMo 25

Once upon a time 
There was oh what there was (or there wasn’t) in the oldest of days and ages and times
There was, there was not
Beyond seven mountain ranges, beyond seven rivers
In a time already long past, when it was still of use to cast a spell
At the beginning of time, at the first time
Back in the days when it was still of help to wish for a thing
This is an old story
Once there was, where there wasn’t, there was a
I remember something that our father told me and that is this
A long, long, long time ago it was (and there was a king in Galway)
Long ago, long ago
In times of that a tiger used to smoke
Once upon a time, there was a truly great friendship
Someone was, someone wasn’t
There once was, (as never before) because if there wasn’t, it wouldn’t have been to told
(In some kingdom, in some land) There lived, there was
Where the water was being strewn and the sand poured
And if they haven’t died already, they are living happily to this day
Once there was, and once there wasn’t
In the long distant days of yore, when haystacks winnowed sieves, when genies played jereed in the old bathhouse, fleas were barbers, camels were town criers, I softly rocked my baby grandmother to sleep in her creaking cradle there lived in an exotic land far, far away