DecPoWriMo 4

Ode to the Box of Tree Ornaments 

You are timeless in that
no one can remember
the last time you were packed
some time when the days
were growing longer
and less sparkly

You are the pinnacle of flexibility
the same newspaper from
sometime in the last century
can protect the newest baubles
which might be decades old
placed with the utmost respect

Some child/relation made this

Your hooks grow every time
they are seen and multiply
like cells dividing
but staying in the same tiny sphere

You never lack for balls

Each ornament a time capsule
bringing us back to
the precise moment you arrived
the season everlasting and musty
given new life by these wire
branches adjusted into place
to cradle your precious frames
always heralding the promise
of a new year or the last
old one we remember

Our First Pandemic Christmas
you mean this is only our second?

By Joshua Keiter

reader, writer, actor, singer, teacher