JanPoWriMo 13

Hard to argue with the fact 
that everywhere you look
those in charge of interpreting
how to interpret the rules
cavalierly allow the most
collateral damage which almost
certainly guarantees a massive loss
of life or agency resulting in
most people wondering how
they are to thrive in an environment
where their existence is taken
not only into question but for
granted have you considered
the virus or voting rights is just
meant to teach us a lesson
and like every other moral system
since time memorial codified
into books or national holidays
everyone keeps willfully ignoring it
because it is easier to go on
pretending the problem is not ours
to solve by making it insolvent
bankrupt exhausted demoralized
working in a system that cannot
handle the strain it is asked to shoulder

By Joshua Keiter

reader, writer, actor, singer, teacher