JanPoWriMo 18

Everyone is exhausted 
everyone is exhausted of thinking
they are exhausted
everyone is going to great lengths
to not do anything about being exhausted
everyone needs a rest and they are saying
as much
this is at least the fifth wave
of exhaustion and we are tired of it
this is a notice that if you are not
exhausted you are part of the problem
no one has written their novel
every live event is a simulacrum
of what a live event might have been
before everyone was exhausted
we have run out of media
to distract us from being/make us more exhausted
we are looking forward to the time
when we can remember how exhausted we were
while inhabiting a new phase of post-exhaustion exhaustion
somehow the website to order tests
to measure our exhaustion did not crash
but the tests are too few
and the estimated delivery is six to eight weeks
just in time for the next phase of exhaustion
no one is smiling under their fabric
that it turns out is not sufficient to cover their exhaustion
they’re exhausted
wake me when it’s never